Review: Men’s Lifestyle Guide

I first came across Men’s Lifestyle Guide whilst browsing for info on the latest James Bond Omega watch (as featured in Skyfall) and found an insightful and pithy article with some great video content to illustrate the points made. This fun but astute writing style is found throughout the site and really makes it stand out as a leading Men’s lifestyle site.

If you want to take a look at everything the modern man would like to know then Men’s Lifestyle Guide is the best place to begin your searches. Everything from women, gadgets/technology, travel information, luxury watches, entertainment, health & fitness and much more, this can all be found when visiting the site. Established in 2012, Men’s Lifestyle Guide appeals to any modern man who takes pride in his appearance.

By the looks of things they update their men’s lifestyle blog throughout the week with great news, and everything the modern man would be looking to educate themselves on. Current popular posts include The 5 hottest celebrity cowgirls, iPad mini launch and the newly launched limited edition James Bond 007 Omega Skyfall watch.

Men’s Lifestyle Guide can also be found on social networking websites including Twitter @MLifestyleGuide and their Facebook webpage.


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