Stunning Furniture & Beautiful Gadgets for your office

Tired of working in a dull and drab office environment? Make this a thing of the past and inject a touch of creativity into your work space with these fun and exciting gadgets and gizmos.

1). The Toast Printer

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This Toast printer which actually isn’t actually a printer at all feeds toast into it and voila! Out the other end you have your perfectly toasted bread.  A great addition for a small office as you can layer up a stack of bread and it will feed one piece in after the other.  A truly novel invention.

2). 360 pen

The 360 pen is great if you are feeling a little wound up.  Slip it over your finger and spin and this is sure to release some tension.  Alternatively it can be used for writing and comes in red, blue and grey and has a high-quality chrome-plated plastic cover.  This multi-functional pen will ensure you are the coolest kid in your office and will definitely be a conversation starter at team meetings.  It’s also the perfect idea for a fun and light-hearted, secret Santa present.

3). Whiteyboard


The Ghost Whiteyboard transforms a clear surface into an erasable writing surface.  These easy to apply transparent sheets stick easily over any surface, be it a glass table, painted or wallpapered walls allowing you to write, erase , scribble and draw without damaging the existing surface.  These reusable products are not only innovative and inexpensive but are a great alternative to more traditional whiteboards which are bulky and require more than one person to move.

4). iPhone Desktop Phone

The iPhone is a fine feat of engineering but can be uncomfortable when speaking on it for long periods of time and you find yourself compromising your posture, often balancing it between your shoulder and ear, putting your neck in an unnatural and uncomfortable position.  Update your iPhone with this iPhone Desktop Phone and make neck ache a thing of the past.  This quirky creation is in the style of a classic telephone and acts as an iPhone dock.  Simply connect it up to the headset and there you have it.  In order to dial a number, simply use the keypad on your iPhone.  This device also acts as a speaker for any iPod, whilst also charging your Apple gadgets when inserted.


5). Ball Chair

The iconic Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio is a great addition to any office.  This stylish and comfortable lounge chair encloses its user in a round, cushioned capsule.  Perfect if you want some much needed downtime, a moment of calm reflection whilst reading a book, or simply a comfortable afternoon nap.  Not only is the design revolutionary but it also heavily filters outside noise so you can really nestle in true luxury and comfort.


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